Masters in the Midlands Area

Information on Masters Hockey in the Midlands Area


The 8 Area Masters leads are working with England Hockey to deliver consistent policies and procedures for their Area and representative teams. These include policies on roles for team managers, head coaches, player eligibility and selection. Area tournaments are all being considered, and improved alignment with the international programme is also being addressed.

Our Midlands Masters committee has several roles. As well as having responsibility for the specific age groups listed, the individuals on that committee have agreed to take on specific roles within Masters for the benefit of the whole area. Notable contributions include Jenny Parkes and Jon Allchin for kit, and Mark Gibbon for an intra-group O60s Men’s Cup (based on traditional counties) which will take place in March 2024.

The Committee has been put up in accordance with the draft Terms of Reference, published by England Hockey, to provide planning and delivery in all matters relating to Masters Hockey in each of the 8 Areas now in place. The committee’s representatives (for our listed Committee Members) are defined.

If you are a Player or Coach and are looking to become involved in any particular age-group please contact the relevant individual directly from the contact page available here.