Officiating in the Midlands

Area Officiating Committee - Roles & Responsibilities


Role & Responsibilities

The responsibilities of the Area Officiating Committee (AOC) are:

  • To recruit, develop and assess neutrally appointed umpires and umpire support.
  • To appoint officials to EH Area Leagues and EH Competitions.
  • To support the recruitment, and development of Club umpires, working with Cluster Leads and Umpire Club Developers to deliver workshops and members evenings and to facilitate the assessment of umpires.
  • To recruit and educate young umpires, provide opportunities for their development and progress to Adult League and Competitions appointments.
  • To deliver Technical Official education and opportunities for TO development in Clubs and to recommend TO appointments to Leagues and Competitions.


Appointments will continue to be made using the Officiating Management System (OMS) which has now been merged into the Game Management System (GMS) used to administer all Leagues and Competitions.