Adult Hockey Contacts


Adult League Contacts

If you have any questions about the hockey leagues and competitions in the Midlands Area please contact one of our organisers below:

General Enquiries

League Chair Nick Haynes

Vice League Chair Simeon Green

Women's League Manager Kishor Shah

Men's League Manager Jo Bevan

Division & Fixture Specific Enquiries

For Division specific and fixture enquiries please contact your Divisional Secretary by clicking on the name in the list below:

PremierNick Haynes
Division 1Chris Ashton
Division 2Jules Brooks 
3 East    Nick Haynes
3 West                   Kishor Shah
4 EastChris Ashton
4 WestScott Mulligan
5 EastJo Bevan
5 WestDamon Fleming
6 North EastKishor Shah
6 North West                          Jim Wakeland
6 South EastNick Haynes
6 South WestNeil Ward
7 North EastNeil Ward     
7 North WestTony Burnell
7 South EastTony Burnell
7 South WestSimeon Green
8 North EastScott Mulligan 
8 North WestDaniel McConaghy
8  South EastSimeon Green
8 South WestSimeon Green
9 North EastSam Bointon
9 North WestJim Wakeland
9 South EastDaniel McConaghy
9 South WestScott Mulligan 
10 Development NorthMichael Hooper
10 Development SouthMichael Hooper
10 EastJim Wakeland  
10 North WestJules Brooks
10 South West Oli Hyatt         
PremierNick Haynes
Division 1Eileen Edwards
2 NorthEileen Edwards
2 SouthEileen Edwards
3 North EastKishor Shah
3 North WestEileen Edwards
3 South EastMelissa Lau
3 South West Jo Bevan 
4 ArdenNick Haynes
4 BeaconMelissa Lau
4 MoorlandDamon Fleming
4 Nene/CharnwoodSally Davidson-Jones 
4 PeakNick Haynes
4 SherwoodEileen Edwards
5 ArdenSimeon Green
5 BeaconKishor Shah
5 MoorlandDamon Fleming
5 PeakSally Davidson-Jones
5 SherwoodKishor Shah
5a Nene/CharnwoodSam Cook
5b Nene/CharnwoodSam Cook
6 ArdenSimeon Green
6 BeaconEileen Edwards
6 MoorlandDamon Fleming
6a SherwoodEmma Self
6b SherwoodEmma Self